Get fit, have fun and train to your timetable and abilities.

Not everyone wants to join a club or feel themselves to be athletes.

Maybe you lack confidence or are focusing on one event per year and don’t want to subscribe to a generic training plan or membership. We offer group, solo or buddy training with the emphasis on psychological and emotional strength, as well as the physical benefits of exercise and nutrition (including diet analysis and support) and pro-active rehabilitation.

We offer tools for a full and active, healthy lifestyle and mobility.

Louise Goddard is our Health and Wellbeing Coach and can provide a deep tissue massage to keep you maintained and rehab is supported by the Foot Centre in Lancaster who offer bio-mechanical evaluations, kinesiology taping and treatment where necessary.

Dan Mawby is an Activ8 personal fitness trainer, and specialises in Muscle Toning, Fat Reduction, Cardiac/muscular endurance, Flexibility/stretching, Basic Self-Defence, Power Lifting, Strength Training, Body Weight Training, and  Simple Home Workout Training.


Support and advice are all part of the service, as are links to local events, clubs, and mental health support facilities aimed at keeping you fit and happy.

Contact us for more information or to sign up!

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