Japanese Words

Akido Means the way of harmony

Aiki-jutsu A combat system based on integrated use of energy or Ki

Ashi Waza Foot tecniques,foot sweep

Ate waza Techniques for attacking the joints

Atemi waza Striking techniques for attacking vitalpoints on the body

Bo Japanese quarter staff

Bo Jujitsu Techniques for the staff

Bushi A warrior or fighting man

Bushido The way of the warrior: the moral code and belief system of Japans samurai

Dan Grade indicating level of proficiencyin Japanese culture

Dojo School or training hall

Embu Practice of Martial Arts

Ha Cutting edge of sword

Hakama Samurai divided skirt

Hara The pit of the stomach, there is a Japanese belief that the centre of a persons being is to be found in the Hara.

Harai-Goshi Hip throw

Iai-do Classical art of sword drawing and re-sheathing.

Iai jutsu Sword fighting

Isshin One heart or one mind

Jo Japanese short staff for stick fighting.

Jo-jitsu Combat stick fighting system.

Judo The way of gentleness or pliability, a sports-orientated form of ju-jitsu

Jujitsu The japanese composite system of all-in fighting techiques

Kansetstu-waza Joint locking techniques

Karate Generic term used to describe a variety of unarmed combat systems based on empty handed fighting.

Katame-Waza Holding or immobolising techniques.

Katana Japanese sword

Kamiza Place of honour in the Dojo

Kendo Sword Way

Kenpo Combat system derived from Chinese Kung fu

Kensei Sword saint

Ki The vital energy that flows around the body

Kiritsuke Cutting

Kissaki Tip of the sword

Kung fu Chinese martial art

Muramassa Sword maker

Munen To have no thought

Men Head

Mushin To have a empty mind

Myóyó Spiritual attainment

Nage-waza Throwing techniques

Nukikata Drawing the sword

Ryu Style

Shime-waza Strangling or choking techniques

Sonkyo Sitting on balls of feet

Sumo Indigenous Japanese fighting system, now practised exclusively as a form of wrestling

Taekwondo Korean martial art similar to karate emphasising high kicking techniques

Taijo Procedure of leaving the practice area

Taiho-jutsu Police combat techniques incorporating aspects of judo and ju-jitsu

Te Hand

Tomoe Circle

Tsuka Handle of the sword

Ukemi-waza Falling techniques

Ukenagashi Warding off an attack

Wakizashi Short sword

Zen A Buddhist sect

Zanshin Spiritual preparation