Martial Arts Holidays

Did you know Activ8 also offer tailor made holidays based in La Zarza, near Pinosa, a small town in the Murcia region of Spain?

Whether you’re in need of an active holiday or a retreat to unwind and get away from it all – we can design the itinerary to suit you.

The itinerary can be customised to meet your own personal needs, be that confidence building, de-stressing, weight management or something else.

Active martial arts holidays:

  • Improve your ability and knowledge of martial arts, self-defence and fitness training, which will be physically challenging and energizing
  • Boost your body with healthy home-cooked food and learn about the importance of good nutrition
  • Calm your mind and lengthen your muscles with meditation, tai chi, yoga and stretching classes.

Example active holiday training day:

8-9am Tai chi or yoga – the perfect way to start your day and prepare your mind and body for the morning’s activities.

9am-12.45pm In the dojo, working on the tatami with Gary and the team to learn effective and powerful self-defence and martial arts techniques; core training; weight training. After the session we will all sit down and discuss the training and what we may need to change or work on the following day.

1pm Well done, great work! Now home for a shower, or to the pool for a well deserved swim and sunbathe, then off to lunch, que aproveche, bon appétit, enjoy your meal!

Martial Arts Retreat

  • Relax your body and mind with meditation, tai chi, yoga and stretching classes
  • Be nourished by healthy, home-cooked food, and learn about the importance of good nutrition
  • Feel refreshed, confident and energized

Example retreat day:

8-9am Tai Chi or Yoga: the perfect way to start you day

9.15-10.15am Meditation: relax and calm your body and mind

10.30am-12pm Workshop of your choice. Examples include: confidence building; coping with stress; weight management; coping with bullying at work/college/school.

(Refuelling and rehydrating breaks throughout the morning with the provision of regular healthy snacks and drinks)

12pm Time for lunch… que aproveche, bon appétit, enjoy your meal!

Activ8 Spain 10_1400wide

All this takes place on Eagle Mountain, with stunning views of the surrounding area. We are located at a height of 900m, and the cool mountain air is most welcome on a hot summer’s day!

You will be trained, energized and invigorated from your morning’s activities, after which we recommend that in keeping with good, honest, Spanish tradition, you sample the wonderful local food and then perhaps have a little after-lunch siesta!

The afternoons will be yours to fill with as much activity as you like: go mountain biking, hike in the mountains, go rock-climbing – whatever takes your fancy – before going out in the evening to experience friendly authentic Spanish life in one of the beautiful nearby towns such as Pinoso.

Treatments are also available!

  • Reiki – a holistic energy treatment for the mind, body and spirit. Helps cleanse the body of negative energy and leaves revitalized and calm.
  • Swedish massage – relaxing massage treatment for the mind and body, helps promote healthy sleep and and dissipates anxiety.
  • Reflexology – a therapeutic treatment  that aims to rebalance the body through the stimulation of specific points, or  reflexes, on the feet.
  • Indian head massage – a deeply relaxing treatment that calms the mind while improving circulation in the head, neck and shoulders.
  • Deep tissue massage– deep therapeutic massage designed to treat problem areas or ease pain post injury. Perfect for those post training aches and pains!
  • Aromatherapy massage – a deeply  relaxing form of massage using a medium of aromatic essential oils diluted in  carrier oil.
  • Crystal Therapy – a gentle non-invasive form of  alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body,  emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being and  neutralize negativity.
  • Therapeuticmeta combo– a wonderful combination of muscular deep tissue massage followed by a calming foot massage.
  • Personal training – a full hour individually tailored to your needs and dedicated to teaching you how to exercise. We can teach you how to train without equipment, in a gym, with weights, with balls, with bands…whatever suits you!
  • Private martial arts training – hone your techniques or learn completely new ones with retreat director Gary Standaloft, martial arts expert!
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