Nikki Moss, PE Subject Leader, Dallas Road CP School

Activ8 Self Defence have run a class at Dallas Road for almost 8 years now, starting at first with a six week course in 2007 which we then extended to a permanent after school club due to its success. Everything is self maintained – paperwork, money, medical records, dealing with parents and staffing. We are very pleased with the way the instructors run the club, and senior staff members are available if the need arises (but have never been called upon to date).

The club as a whole is well organised and parental feedback is very positive. If there is any reason we need to speak to the Activ8 staff, they are very approachable, accommodating, and again, professional.

The club they run is VERY popular with children from all age groups within school. The children who attend the club look forward to it and thoroughly enjoy it, even though it is on a Friday afternoon and some of them are already worn out!!!

One other aspect of the club, is that Activ8 also run weekend classes and holiday clubs, which are again, very popular with the children and parents who attend their after school club at Dallas Road school.

Thank you, keep up all your hard work!