Parent from St. Peter’s School class

My son, (now 11) started jujitsu at  six years old with Activ8. His self confidence greatly improved well within a year of starting.  When he first went in to year one at school he did not know all his sounds of the alphabet and was struggling to read.  By the February break, within months of starting Activ8 he had caught up with his classmates and his new found self-esteem was very obvious to at least two teachers and he became a star pupil in the group he went to for extra reading and spelling.  The reason he was keen to fetch his reading up to scratch was his eagerness to learn all the Japanese words for his grading and the parts of the body.  He knows far more about the human body than even myself!

Also the practise of how to fall so not to hurt himself has because very handy.  The use of punch bags for practising his kicks is also giving his legs great strength.

This is also a sport he finds enjoyable – this is not just a sport for children to learn, or adults; but an education and in life skills and another countrys language. The respect the children give to the Sensei is priceless.